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Welcome To Shulat Almechanica

Founded in 2011, Shulat Mechanica Contracting has specialized in Electromechanics and related electrical, HVAC and plumbing work (installation and maintenance). Over years, the organization has expanded its activities to include various electronics, telecommunications and Landline Telephone system works (installation and maintenance).

With this type of business, Shulat Mechanica Contracting explored wider areas of business and specialized in elevator maintenance and various rail work (umbrellas and sieges) for many government and private projects– supply, installation and maintenance of prefabricated houses as well as the supply and installation of backup generators, general contracting work (building construction and renovation).

In this short time and since its establishment, Shulat Mechanica Contracting could assume a prominent position among the leading companies in this industry, and build trust for its customers, thanks to the commitment and high aspirations it worked hard to achieve, in addition to making customer satisfaction a ‘Priority’.

Shulat Mechanica Contracting boasts itself with its distinctive competencies and human resources, where the focus, since the beginning, is on the human resources, business development and building a positive image of the company. The competence, experience and certifications are the basic criteria for employment, as man power available in the organization have become a model among other companies in this industry.

Organization’s aspirations are ongoing and sustainable, and its works are growing and increasing, with the commitment to its slogan adopted since the very start “Focus on customer in the first place”.